How to remove ads from Orkut pages

You must have noticed that Orkut has now shifted the position of ads to the top of Orkut pages. Doesn’t that make Orkut look dirty? I will show you how you can remove those ads from Orkut pages. This trick has been there for quite some time, but now that Orkut is showing them right […]

Thank God I’m not a Chinese

Twitter, WordPress,Blogger,YouTube, Flickr, Hotmail and even Bing is blocked in China.  Ahead of the 20th Anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre the Chinese government is doing everything to quiet down the social media. I don’t know how many of my Twitter friends would survive without access to Twitter here in India It’s your life and […]

Get email as sms for free

[digg-me]Here is how you can get your Gmail emails as SMS for Free in India. This uses the Google SMS Channel that has been recently introduced and FreeMyFeed service About FreeMyFeed Free my feed is a service that allows you to bypass password protected feeds. They say passwords are “never stored on the server,” and […]