Watch the Anaconda Hippo video without spamming your Facebook Profile

They are viral, be it the Anaconda – Hippo video or Truth about McDonalds thing. All your friends are sharing and liking them, they must be something cool. Are they ?

These pages want you to ‘like’ them and share on your Facebook profile before you actually see them. And without hesitation you do it. But remember when you like or share something on FB you are actually recommending them to your friends and telling them ‘Hey buddy check this out, its kinda cool’ and most probably they will click them, the same reason why you clicked at the first place. And these become viral.  So if something prompts you to share or ‘like’ it before you actually see them, no matter what it is, its some sort of SCAM. So don’t ever do what they tell.

As far as watching those videos or pictures are concerned, just google it and most probably you will find ‘em. And the Anaconda video, it isn’t that shocking.

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