Dislike button coming to Facebook…Really?

dislike How many times did you want to dislike something on the Web but could only find the Facebook “Like” button ? Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg told ABC News that they are aware about the user demands for a Dislike button and are considering that. So is Dislike button coming to Facebook any time soon ?

Pete Cashmore of Mashable in his column on CNN writes why Facebook will never implement the Dislike button. He feels it would damage the company’s relationships with brands, businesses and web publishers because a Disike button allows users to dislike their products thus affecting its reputation. Also web publishers won’t be desperate to implement a Dislike button and accept negative feedback from the users.

Yes, there are unofficial ways to ‘dislike’ things on Facebook. But what do you think, should Facebook officially implement the ‘Dislike’ Button ?

( Reading: Zuckerberg interview on ABC (video) , Cashmore’s article on CNN )

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  1. hey.. how can we use dislike unofficially?
    u mean commenting?

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