How to remove ads from Orkut pages

orkut-adsYou must have noticed that Orkut has now shifted the position of ads to the top of Orkut pages. Doesn’t that make Orkut look dirty? I will show you how you can remove those ads from Orkut pages. This trick has been there for quite some time, but now that Orkut is showing them right at top of pages, I think it would be good to remove them.

Why Orkut is showing ads ?

The Official Orkut blog explains that in this post as

One of the great things about social networks is their ability to supply you with information that’s relevant to you….On the Orkut team, we believe that advertisements should be no different

So the Orkut team thinks that these ads may provide additional information relevant to you.

But that might not be the only reason. There were rumors that Google might be shutting down Orkut. Running Orkut is a very expensive task for Google and they might want to earn at least some part of the expenses through these ads.

In fact they have created a micro site for advertising on Orkut that says Orkut is the best way to reach Indians online.

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  1. They say the ads are displayed based on our interests and i am shown only ads from Bharat Matrimony ?

    Seriously, WTH !

    Aravind Jose T.’s last blog post..Some tweets are to be preserved. Shall we pay for that ?

  2. Ha ha! there is that Bharat Matrimony ad in the screen shot as well .

  3. Really nice add-on…thnx for sharing.

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