Manage emails from twitter using multiple inboxes feature of Gmail

Social networking sites like Twitter sends you a lot of email daily and if you don’t use separate emails it might be difficult to manage your inbox. In this post I will explain how I use the Multiple inboxes feature of Gmail to over come this with the example of managing emails from Twitter.

1. Create a filter for emails from Twitter :

Go to Gmail Settings > Filters > Create a new filter


In the From text box use Twitter . Then just click Test search to find if that is really working and click Next Step >>

In the next window check the options Skip the inbox (Archive it) and Apply the label and create a new label from the drop down box. I used the label Twitter

NB: Checking the Skip the inbox option is important, otherwise you will see the email in both your actual inbox and new inbox

2. Using the Multiple inboxes feature

Multiple Inboxes is a Gmail labs feature so you have to enable that first. Goto Settings > Labs and find the Multiple Inboxes feature .enable it using the enable radio button and Save your changes.


You can add a number of inboxes. For adding  a new inbox for your Twitter emails use label:Twitter in the first text box. (since I used Twitter as the label name).

You can choose the number of emails to be shown and also the position of the new inbox.

That’s it now when ever you open your Gmail you see a multiple inboxes. Filters are a power feature of Gmail. You can used them along with some Gmail labs features such as Canned Responses to create amazing results. So  do experiment with them. You can use the same idea to manage your newsletter and rss subscriptions and lots more.

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