Thank God I’m not a Chinese

Twitter, WordPress,Blogger,YouTube, Flickr, Hotmail and even Bing is blocked in China.  Ahead of the 20th Anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre the Chinese government is doing everything to quiet down the social media. I don’t know how many of my Twitter friends would survive without access to Twitter here in India

It’s your life and you should have the right to choose how to live. Why on Earth would someone want to control you unnecessarily as long as you don’t cause trouble for others.

Internet giants are doing no good. According to this blog post at Digital Inspiration companies like Yahoo, Google and Microsoft co-operate wholeheartedly with the Chinese government in implementing internet censorship there. Even Google shows a separate set of search results for China.

WordPress is different That would be the good news to all those WP fans including me. Matt said a big NO to the Communist government on blocking some topics in WordPress or giving out details about WordPress users. Big Kudos to Matt and WordPress.

Thank God the Communists are losing grounds in India and their anti media activities are limited to calling  the main stream media “a syndicate against the communists”.

Image: Xanga-TaiwanIndependent

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  1. apparently China wants to keep it old school, Web 1.0, until further notice

  2. yeah , you are right .many Indians may not be able to survive without blogging . I have such an experience when my brother changed my windows account password . I was not able to blog in my blogs and . then think of Chinese who cant blog or cant use the internet.
    I am lucky that i am born as an indian.

    akhil abraham george’s last blog post..June 1

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