My first vote

Finally I can decide who should rule me !I voted for the first time in my life. The first phase of polling to the Parliament started today and would end on May 13th  in 5 phases. The results would be out on 16th.

Why should you vote ?

Earlier I thought I would never vote. Why should I vote for these corrupt politicians? I know many have this same question. Then I changed my mind. After all something is always better than nothing. As far as there is no option of “NO VOTE” somebody would be elected even if you don’t vote. So vote for better one ( I believe the better party).


Political party or the candidte?

Our constituency Kottayam had the largest number of candidates contesting form the state (20). But the contest was primarily between two contestants and I had to choose one among them. I preferred one candidate over the other as a person. Unfortunately as a political party I preferred the party of the other candidate. I was really confused whom to vote.

Finally I decided to choose  the political party. After all the policies of the political party matters more than an individual. Forget about regional development. That won’t be a lot different. They know very well that they have to face the people at least in every 5 years.  Only a stable government with less number of parties can take the country forward.   ( I hate this coalition government  and the associated  political bargaining).

Should there be a a no-vote option ?

Personally I don’t think this can make any difference.  And I’m sure at least for this state of Kerala number of people who would choose that option if available  would be very less.

My advice to all those who haven’t voted and are yet to vote would be to go out and vote.


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  1. Hey Nikhil, congrats on your first vote. Ofcourse you are right, it’s always best to vote, even if it means making some choice instead of no choice. But let me tell you something about the no-vote option if one wants to exercise it. It helps to prevent bogus voting.
    But coming to candidate vs party, it is an individual decision. I personally root for a candidate but at the same time I agree that if one is against the party he is standing for, then it’s best to avoid that person. Usually it is a tough decision and every voter has to make this tough call.

  2. Thanks Nita. True it’s always an individual decision but we have very limited number of choices 🙁

  3. congrats 4 casting ur first vote…………
    couldnt cast my vote this time due to some reasons ……………. will surely cast my vote next time……… agree with u that definitely vote should go 4 personality of the candidate . but political parties do matter as after all they r the once that are coming into rule. I do agree with u about the statement u made about the existence of coalition governments ………… but thats what will be the outcome of this election ……. i am making the statement in the scenario that many new groups are arising inside the parties which eventually lead to formation of new parties

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