Orkut get sms notification for new scraps for free

Orkut has introduced Orkut SMS in India also so you can receive new scrap notification and sen scraps via your mobile. But this is a premium feature and you are charged by your operator (Rs 2/-) per sms. But here is how you can get SMS notifications for new scraps absolutely free. This is similar to my post about getting email notification via sms but this one doesn’t use  FreeMyFeed service.

First Step: Getting the feed URL of your scrapbook

Goto OrkutFeeds and give your scrapbook URL (something like http://www.orkut.com/Scrapbook.aspx?uid=1559222230473877..) and they will give you the feed for your scrap book.

You get you feed URL http://www.orkutfeeds.com/feed.php?uid=15592….

How to get your scrapbook URL

Here is how you can get your scrapbook URL, it is like http://www.orkut.com/Scrapbook.aspx?uid=xxxxxxxxxxx You can find your uid by clicking on the profile link on your Orkut home page, you will be directed to the profile page and you can find uid from the address bar.

Second Step:  Creating SMS channel

In this step we will create an SMS channel for our feed. Goto Google SMS channel and sign in using your Google account. If you are using this for the first time you have to get your mobile verified by getting an SMS with activation code. Once that is done click on try it now section at the right side of it home page to create your own channel.

You will have to fill a long form like the one below now where you have to give the feed URL obtained in the previous step.

You have to be very careful about two things.

1. You have to select RSS/Feed Atom as Source and give the feed URL obtained in the previous step. (Without http:// as that is already given there)

2. Change Allow publishing by to Only me and Who can subscribe to By invitation only. This makes your feed private so that only you can view them.

Almost done , now click create channel.

From now onwards whenever someone scraps you ,you get an sms notification with your friends name.

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