Save images from orkut albums

You must have noticed that Orkut has disabled right click on images in orkut albums. This means you can’t save images from an orkut album. There are a couple of tricks throug which you can still save images.  These tricks can be used to save images from many other sites with right click disabled.

The  simplest way is to drag the image to the address bar. You can also drag it to a new tab or to the new tab area to open in a separate tab.

If you are using Mozilla Firefox, Easy DragToGo is a very useful add-on that helps you to save images by just dragging on them. Click here to install the add-on. This can be used to save image or open in  a new tab or open in new window etc according to different mouse gestures. Also this can be used to open links in new window, search a selected text etc.


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  1. Cool Trick ,However you can also Follow Guide to Save Picture from Orkut If you face problem with above tricks .

  2. asif bangalore says: Reply

    use opera

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